Mc Way Falls

I can’t get over it. Where the forest reaches to the edge of the rocky cliff and spills into the turquoise sea

smooth sand, and looks over turquoise water into the Pacific.

So, I have been here five or ten times… and every time I am still struck by its beauty. I have countless photos.

I spent $40 on slide film on my first visit back in 2002. For a guy who would “splurge” on a Tacobell burrito once a month that was a huge statement. I now have images of these falls on many rolls of film, and many folders on hard drives. Mornings, afternoons, sunsets, blue hour. I even have 2 large prints on canvas in my house, yet there is no way I imagine I would ever get tired of this scene.

So, if you know me I’m sorry. I will continue to post photos of the same thing.